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10 Things You Can Do This Earth Day

Posted on 18 April 2016


Here's our Top 10 EASY things you can do to "go green" this Earth Day. From switching to natural cleaners, to working from home - we can all do our part in conserving resources to protect our environment for the next generation.

1. Green Cleaners

Switch your old chemical-laden household cleaners to natural ones. These chemicals stay in your house, and gets flushed into our ecosystem - which we can all do without. Look for biodegradable, and non-toxic labels - you can start with browsing some of our favourites at Terra20 (they're Canadian)!

2. Use Recycled Paper

No notebook to write in? Use old junk papers! Turn over old bill statements and flyers and staple them together to create a quick notebook for you to jot your notes down. OR, buy recycled inkjet paper for all your printing needs. You can save 637 gallons of water per year if we all used recycled paper.


3. Work from Home

If your workplace is a flexible one, ask your boss if you can stay and work at home for the day. Not only does it save on gas and commuting time - but over time, an office with regular "telecommuters" can downsize their office space, requiring less energy to heat, cool and power. Studies have also shown it can help employees boost their work-life balance.

4. Minimize the Flow

Fixing a leaky faucet can save up to 1,300 gallons of water per year. If it's in your budget, at your next home renovation, switch to low-flow showerheads and toilets - it will save you money over time and reduce water use.


 5. Meatless Mondays

This is more than a trend. Go meatless once a week. The global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than all the cars, planes, and ships in the world combined. Reducing your meat consumption can curb the devastating effects of climate change.


6. Plant a Tree

Plant a tree today! This is a great thing to do if you have kids or grandchildren, while providing a great opportunity to teach them about the environment. Better yet, suggest it to the next parent council meeting to start a tree-planting initiative every Spring. Over a 50-year lifetime, one tree can provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control. Now that's something that can't be bought!
For more info on what types of trees to plant, visit Tree Atlas in Ontario


7. Ride a Bike

Ride a bike to work. Ride a bike to run errands. Walk to your nearest grocery store. If every Canadian left their car at home once a week - we can save up to 3.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada!



8. 'No' to Plastic Bottles, Paper Cups

If you haven't made the switch yet - do so TODAY! Switch to an eco-friendly tumbler or thermos for your coffee. Many coffee places like Starbucks and Tim Hortons offer up to 10 cents off your daily caffeine-fix if you bring in your own mug!


9. Switch your Lighting

Switch all your incandescent lightbulbs to LEDs. The benefits of LEDs are endless - not only do they provide more brightness with less power, their average lifespan is 25 times longer than an incandescent. If you replaced 20 incandescent bulbs with LED light bulbs throughout your home, you could save up to $3,260 over their 23-year lifespan


10. Reduce, Re-use and RETURN

Many retailers today offer a recycling program. Check out your local town's Community Environment Days - a day where you can drop-off hazardous household wastes, recycle old toys and donate clothing and arts and crafts materials to charities. The Beer Store in Ontario will provide you a refund if you bring back wine and beer bottles and aluminum cans over 100ml.
We have curated a DIY Before You Buy Pinterest board to inspire you. From home renovations to arts and crafts - this board is a collection of our favourite projects.
There are hundreds of ways to reduce your consumption and protect our environment, all it requires is a little creativity!

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