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Eco Bravo's Cher Hanusiak

Posted on 28 August 2014

Cher Hanusiak is exactly the type of women we design our clothes for. She radiates goodness and positivity, is a fun-loving mom and completely committed to being green.

Cher’s blog,, is one of our honest-to-goodness favourites. Highlighting eco friendly and socially responsible products, services, people and design, it’s frequented by thousands of concerned Canadian moms (who truly trust her advice).

Cher is a Green Moms Collective contributor and a ultimate blogger. Lucky for us, she ’s also a member of the LNBF family as one of our most coveted brand ambassadors. Doubly lucky for us, she answered a few of our most burning questions about her journey, sentiments and more in the following interview:


With an endless array of eco options out there, how do you choose which brands to buy from?

The first thing to be aware of as a conscious consumer is that we can't trust what ’s being advertised. You have to do your research! Take a good look at the brand, the wording and the certifications to determine if they are being honest.

I mainly buy products from health stores or natural food markets so that helps with the decision-making. If there are organic options at the same price point and one is local, I'll choose that one. For meat, dairy, honey and seasonal produce I always look for local options.

I steer clear of perfumes, colour, fillers and preservatives. Also reading ingredients is a must. Whether it is a beauty or food product, less is always better.

When did you first become aware of the need for environmental advocacy, and how did those around you respond?

I first became an active environmentalist in high school in the 90's. There were only a few of us in the environment club but we made some progress. It's a daunting task to be aware of the repercussions of our actions and try to enlighten others without being preachy or a total downer.

I love it when people tell me that I've explained something that they had no idea about. I still hold back on a daily basis because I don’t want to make others uncomfortable or pressured. But I'm reminded frequently that people are generally thankful when they learn the truth about products they buy and how bad their impact the environment and human rights can be.

What ’s your favourite thing to do with your kids?

I love relaxed excursions as a family, with no agenda, whether it is a neighbourhood stroll, a picnic at the park or lounging around at a coffee shop. Keeping a toddler occupied is tiring and being outside really helps.


Now that her bun is out of the oven (check out how sweet she is, pictured with her big brother here:

Who are your favourite eco influencers and why?

I love Canadians David Suzuki, Elizabeth May and Maude Barlow. They are all political, and therefore influence policy and educate people; a sure way to create large-scale change. You also have to be smart and courageous, which they all are. Change is grassroots are almost always a David and Goliath situation, so you need the courage to stand up and fight (with words and positive action). All three of these influencers could run this country more effectively and progressively than anyone in the past.

As for celebs, Jessica Alba has impressed me with her Honest brand of nontoxic baby goods. Also Leo DiCaprio, who gives millions to environmental causes. He recently raised awareness with a trip to the Canadian Tar Sands for an upcoming documentary.

What do you like best about living in BC?

The beauty, of course! I grew up in Ontario and love the cottage country and lakes there, but nothing can beat the ocean and mountains. There’s so much diversity and the air is amazing. Vancouver has an abundance of tree lined streets and green spaces which keeps the city beautiful and welcoming. Having kids is easier here because there isn’t the extreme weather that the rest of Canada endures. Although there are many days I’d take the snow and sun over the grey drizzle.

Places to shop for eco options in Canada:

There are a bunch of Canadian shops that I trust and love to buy from. For clothes, my favourite shops are Leave Nothing But Footprints (of course!) and Nicole Bridger here in Vancouver. For kids clothes, Mini Mioche is great. For eco products, My Little Green Shop. For beauty products, Eco Diva Beauty is amazing (and addictive). For underwear and sleepwear for the whole family, visit my shop, Underables, opening November 1.



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