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How to Care for your Clothes

Posted on 04 December 2014

The problem: in this fast fashion age, most people don’t feel the need to properly care for their clothes. Unlike our mothers and their mothers before them, our wardrobes are comprised of poorly constructed items -- worn for a season or two and then chucked. As a result, we each discard almost 70 pounds of clothing yearly!

The solution: invest in better quality, versatile items you’ll wear for years to come. And treat those pieces with respect and care so they last longer.


Wash delicate pieces by hand in cold water and lay flat to dry
Add half a cup of baking soda to your detergent to clean, deodorize, make whites whiter and colours brighter.
To bleach the natural, nontoxic way, add one cup of lemon juice to your usual detergent. This will zap stains and leave clothes smelling extra fresh.
Wash in cold water. This is ideal on two fronts: for the clothes (colours won’t bleed or fade) and from a sustainability standpoint.

Turn clothes inside out before putting them in the washer so they don’t get worn out.

Separate darks from lights when you can and avoid the dryer, which can degrade the quality of the fabric.
Keep clothes hung or folded so they don’t get wrinkled.
Instead of chucking good pieces with rips or that need to be altered, take them to the dressmaker to be repaired.
Iron or steam clothes when they get wrinkled. Or save time and energy by bringing them into the bathroom when you take your shower. The steam will straighten them out (if the wrinkles aren’t very severe).


Do you have a tried and true clothing care pointer not mentioned here? If so, please add as a comment or tell us about it on Twitter.

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