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Eco-friendly Crafts: Easter Edition

Posted on 31 March 2015


A great way to teach your children about the importance of eco-friendly living is through fun activities like
crafts! Easter is coming up and we have four fun crafting ideas that you can share with your kids. We have
selected creative DIY-activities that use materials you can find right at home. Try them out and tell us what
you think!

1. Create Your Own Dyes

Pastels look beautiful on Easter eggs, and it's even more fun when you can create your own eco-friendly
dies with ingredients in your kitchen. Kresha over at teaches us that there are two kinds of
natural ingredients suitable for dyes. The first is more concentrated, which are liquids like espresso, wine,
and beet juice. The second kind requires a good soak for the colours to come out. These include ingredients
like onion skins, cabbage leaves, and spices. 

For all the colour recipes, check out Kresha's guide here. Don't forget to compost all the ingredients after
you are done!

2. Turn Old Scarves into Bunnies!

For those who love to sew, Lark Crafts has a free guide on how to make this adorable bunny using recycled
fabrics. This is a wonderful way to repurpose those old scarves or t-shirts that you no longer wear into a
cuddly toy for your children!
Get this downloadable guide here, and the template here

3. Reuse your Easter eggs

Did you know that you can reuse Easter eggs after Easter? Turn your beautifully coloured eggs into
mini-indoor planters! Joanne from Craft Passion shows us how to make our own tiny planters by halving the
colourful shells and placing them in an egg carton. Choose a small and manageable plant like wheatgrass!

4. Colourful Spring Wreath

Create this fun wreath by using old egg cartons! Beth from Part of the Miracles blog  collected egg cartons
and cut them into individual pieces. Next, she asked her son to paint them as he pleased! The result is a
colourful and delightful Spring wreath that can be displayed in the house. 

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