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Back-to-School "Green" Guide

Posted on 02 September 2015

Labour Day weekend is this weekend, and we know many of you will be preparing your kids (or grandkids!) to go back to school next Tuesday. Whether you're already prepped or a last-minute kind of gal like I am, we've got just the tips on how to make going back to school (or work!) the quick, painless, and eco-friendly way. Check out the tips below!


1. Snack in bulk

So much waste comes from kids' snacks and packaged foods. Buy at your local Bulk Barn and stock up on things like nuts, dried fruit pieces, and chocolate chips. Store them in an air-tight container and pack in small tupperware for their lunches. Or whip up this delicious No-Bake Energy Bites Recipe ( with coconut, granola, and flaxseed - all ingredients that can all be found in your local bulk store!


2. Re-usable lunch bag

Most of us have converted to this already. But for those of us still using plastic grocery bags to bag our lunches, well, this is the best time to buy! Check out this lovely one from Terra20. Not only are you saving many soggy plastic bags from the landfill, your kid's lunch will look super cute and have all the other moms talking about it.


3. Switch to Eco-friendly Clothing

If you're reading this blog, chances are you already are a fan of our bamboo collection! Back-to-school usually means new outfits. But instead of buying another fast-fashion trend, why not introduce your daughter to the benefits of bamboo clothing? Timeless basics that are breathable, suitable for sensitive skin and launder well. Plus: you get to swap her clothes! View our back-to-school collection here.


4. Use Recycled Paper Stationary

With paper assignments, note-taking, and craft paper projects, going to school means using A LOT of paper. In fact, the average person uses 465 trees in one lifetime - that equals 16.349 BILLION trees for everyone living in Canada. Save some trees and switch to recycled multi-use paper for your printouts, and this lovely recycled paper notebook from MUJI for note-taking.

5. Better yet,buy a tablet and go paper-less!

There are so many affordable options for tablets these days. There is no need for paper when you purchase a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard for note-taking. Great for students living away from home, it can act as a note-taking device, entertainment center and also to Skype with you while they're away! Featured here is the Ipad mini 2 with bluetooth keyboard

6. Essential Oils

With the stress of school and the changing weather, your loved ones are more at risk of getting caught with a cold, flu, or - for young ones - lice. Help keep them save with a blend of essential oils that can ward off nasty bugs and colds and flu before they start! Get the 101 on how to blend essential oils from Dr. Axe!


And that's it! We hope you enjoyed this article on how to prep for school, the clean and green way. What are your tried-and-true tips for getting ready for back-to-school? Comment below!


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