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What is your Travel Personality? Take our Quiz!

Posted on 30 September 2015

Travel Collection - LNBF - Leave Nothing But Footprints Clothing

We all want to dress our best on flights and train rides. Are you a comfort gal? Or a sleek and polished professional? Here's how to find out what to wear for your personality. Mark down your answers, A, B or C and tally it up in the end. Grab a pen and paper, get set, go!


1. It's 2 hours to boarding time for an international flight, are you:

A) Grabbing a bite to eat with the family - because we all know airplane food is the worst!

B) Checking out the Duty-free shop for your favourite skincare and perfumes

C) Buying magazines and books at the newsstands


2. When do you usually arrive at the airport before a flight?

A) 2 Hours, I'd like to be prepared for any last-minute hang ups through security.

B) 3 Hours, I like the free wifi to read and catch up on my work

C) 1 Hour, I'm a last-minute kind of gal


3. You're going to a nearby town to sight-see, what kind of transportation are you taking?

A) Road Trip! (by car)

B) Plane - who has the time to go on anything else?

C) Train - I'm a romantic, and I like to view the scenery while I travel.


4. On a flight, what's your drink of choice?

A) Coffee, tea or juice - I like to keep it simple

B) A Cocktail

C) The Starbucks drink that I bought before the flight


5. How did you get the airport?

A) I got a friend/family to drive me.

B) Taxi! Duh.

C) Uber! of course...


6. What type of carry-on are you bringing?

A) Backpack

B) Wheeled carry-on

C) Large Tote


7. What's in your carry-on?

A) My neck rest, a cover-up for the chilly flight, and some snacks

B) My phone, ipad/macbook, lipstick, and a mirror

C) My favourite book, my Ipod, or a magazine


8. What kind of hotel are you staying in?

A) Hostel or Airbnb - budget-friendly and I love staying with the locals

B) The Four Seasons, The Hilton, or the Trump Hotel.

C) The boutique/artsy/independently-owned hotel downtown


9. How much time do you need to pack your suitcase before a trip?

A) A few days before the trip. I don't want to stress about it.

B) I've got my suitcase packed at least a week before. I like to know what I'm bringing.

C) I'm kind of last minute - maybe 2-3 hours before the flight


10. Finally! It's your vacation time, where are you planning to go?

A) Somewhere sunny, where I can relax and rest up.

B) Urban city with lots of shopping!

C) Somewhere with a great arts and entertainment scene.


Tally up your scores because here are the results of your test! Click on the links below to jump to your Travel Personality Results!

I got mostly A's

I got mostly B's

I got mostly C's



If you got mostly A's, you are a Casual and Comfy personality. You adore relaxed walks on the beach, spending time with loved ones, and maybe attending a yoga class or two while you're at the retreat. You don't want to worry too much about what to wear and would be comfortable in our Kira Active Poncho with our best-selling soft and flexible Suri Leggings. The most important thing for you is feeling good in your own skin, and taking time out to enjoy nature and family.


If you got mostly B's, you are a Polished and Pretty personality. You like to be prepared and look great on any occasion, even when you've been traveling for 15 hours straight! Your motto is: you never know who you're going to meet. You're always put-together and like structured jackets like our Carol Ponte Jacket to instantly pull together an outfit. Some statement jewellery to go with that top? YES! We recommend the Penny Lace Ponte Dress and the Erica Lace Top to help you look your best on your travels.

Polished and Pretty


If you got mostly C's, you are a Sleek and Chic personality. You're attracted to the night-life of a city, bars and restaurants, and you're a lover of the arts and music scene. You're a night-owl and look for excitement wherever you go. Minimalist accessories with black, white, and neutrals is your wardrobe game - so packing is not a big problem for you. The LNBF Rhythm Hoodie Vest in Black matches everything in your wardrobe, and the Erica Lace Top in Black is just the thing to go from day-to-night.

Sleek and Chic

We hope you enjoyed this quiz! What were your results? Comment below!


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