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Yummy & Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Posted on 18 February 2016

Yummy Smoothie Recipes

Here's some to inspire and boost your healthy eating regime! 


1. Green Goddess Smoothie 

This avocado based smoothie makes for the perfect lunch option, with delicious greens and fruits you're getting your share of nutrients for the day! Try this recipe from Chatelaine 


2. Whey Protein Breakfast Blast  

This blueberry banana smoothie is the perfect start to your morning! With the addition of Whey it gives you a boost of protein strength to get you through a long day. Try this recipe from Whole Foods 


3. Post Workout Protein Green Smoothie 

This spinach & peanut butter-based smoothie is the perfect post-workout drink. The extra proteins found in this recipe triggers fast muscle recovery. Try it from For The Love Of Basil


4. Raspberry Coconut Smoothie 

This simple smoothie makes for the perfect snack, or a quick pick-me-up between meals. Try this recipe from Goodness Me 


5. Red Velvet Beet Smoothie 

This decadent smoothie combines cocoa, bananas, strawberries & BEETS. Being a natural detoxifier, the beets in this dessert smoothie makes it one filled with health benefits! Try this recipe from Cooking Ala Mel




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