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In a Dancer's Shoes

Posted on 12 June 2018

At LNBF we enjoy creating products that not only promote a sustainable lifestyle but create ease for the everyday woman and man. That's why we've collaborated with ballerina dancer and model Sue Leung, a current Melbourne, Australia resider who leads a busy and active lifestyle. We've asked her a few questions on how LNBF fits into her daily routine:

Q: What does your morning routine look like?

"I like to give my limbs a good stretch and quick body scan with my head to check in with myself. Then go into a short meditation to set my intentions for the day. And I never forget my morning coffee before I leave home."

Sue is wearing our Kimberly Tunic in Willow Green, $54.99 and Bianca Culottes in Black Stripe, $69.99

Q: What drives you?

"Expressing my satisfaction that I get from being able to move so freely. I do think we should appreciate our healthy body more often!"


Pictured: Camille A-Line Tank Dress in Sea Green, $84.99

Q: How has being a dancer affected your style and wardrobe?

"Stretchy everything. I cannot stand having stiff legs all day long. And I like to have layers of clothing to keep warm and also to remove when I get sweaty. Hence why I own items in all different cut, shapes and colours."



 Pictured: Kimberly Tunic and Bianca Culottes

Q: How did you feel when you tried our LNBF pieces?

"Feels like a dream, they are so soft and light. The garments aren’t just great to live and move in but also suit my style perfectly."


 Pictured: Kimberly Tunic and Bianca Culottes


Follow Sue on Instagram @wingyofficial !

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