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Ecofriendly black friday holiday gift

Better Black Friday

Take Free Shipping with below code at check-out, and we'll automatically donate proceeds to Amazon Rainforest protection. Learn more below!

Better Black Friday

Take Free Shipping with below code at check-out and we'll automatically donate proceeds to Amazon Rainforest Conservation. Learn more below!

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About the Cause

We wanted to do Black Friday a little better this year. That's why from now to December 2 we are donating 10% of all LNBF.CA sales directly to conservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest.

From Jana Bell, President of ARC:
Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is a registered Canadian charity that acquires and protects land in the Amazon rainforest to keep it out of the hands of illegal loggers and gold miners. We have 1,416 hectares of land in our care (Tambopata, Peru) that we’re passionate about preserving! We work to protect the biodiverse ecosystem, the threatened species and indigenous people who depend on it.


The Challenge

Global market forces threaten the very existence of the Amazon rainforest, despite scientists having determined it plays a key role in the basic functioning of the planet. By preventing deforestation, we help diminish climate change and better the health & wellbeing of families and economies throughout the world.

We believe acquiring intact ecosystems in the Amazon rainforest for conservation, protection, research & education - is one of the most meaningful investments we can make for future generations.

How we can all help

The ARC team in Canada consists entirely of volunteers! We don’t have the executive salaries and overhead of some other conservation groups, which means we direct all donations to protecting land from destruction. Please join us in saving the Amazon rainforest! It is not just about saving trees and wildlife, it is about saving ourselves.


Learn more about ARC & donate to the organization here:
Charitable receipts are available to Canadian donors. 

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